EDIT: Horde has officially shut down. Thank you to everyone who stopped by to wish it farewell. I had a lot of fun reconnecting with people and reminiscing about all of the good times. I hope to see every one of you again!

On January 27, 2012, Horde's first version was released. That first version would be almost unrecognisable to Horde's current players, but for me it was a labor of love and a project I very much enjoyed working on. If you take a close look at that date, you will see that Horde is more than 3 years old now. Horde, a Minecraft server, had a successful run of over 3 years. Wow.

Unfortunately, all things come to an end. In the past 18 months, Horde has been slowly declining in popularity. Development has mostly stopped for the last year as I have become increasingly preoccupied with other things. Minecraft continues to change, and with my very limited time I can only struggle to keep up.

Horde can no longer sustain itself. This is primarily for two reasons:

  1. Premium purchases no longer cover the costs of hosting Horde and its associated services.
  2. Name changes have come to Minecraft and I cannot update Horde to prevent people who change their name from losing their ranks. While it is technically feasible to update Horde's data to accommodate name changes, it would take a few dozen hours that I do not have to spare.

Horde has really been a momentously important project to me and an important part of my life. I spent literally thousands of hours on Horde development and administration. This was a project I believed in and poured my heart into for a long time. I dedicated a huge chunk of my life to Horde while I was at college, and I am very, very, very proud to have provided at least a little bit of entertainment for the many hundreds of thousands of players who have played Horde over its lifespan.

Of course, I did not do this alone and credit for Horde's greatness can just as easily be given to its wonderful, loyal, dedicated, and generally amazing staff and community. It is the staff and community who dealt with my insanity, hiatuses, and occasional (or constant) mistakes in developing and administering Horde. I am not going to attempt to name every name, but seriously, I think you know who you are and can be very proud of your gargantuan contributions.

In particular I have to single out the staff for their selfless, professional, and consistently exemplary service to Horde and its community. The Horde staff may have been the best server staff that has ever existed in the Minecraft community. I know it is the best I have ever seen personally.

The Shutdown Process
Shutting Horde down will include a few steps:

  1. We will no longer be accepting premium purchases from now until the shutdown. We will offer full refunds to anyone who bought premium packages in the last 15 days.
  2. At the end of the month (February 27), Horde and Kitchen Sink will shut down.
  3. Shortly afterwards, this site will shut down.

I know I will get questions about these things, so I will answer it now. No, I cannot give the server to someone else since it is shutting down anyways. No, I will not give out copies of Horde's plugins and maps. Yes, all data and files will be saved and backed up so that, theoretically, Horde could come back some time in the future. No, we will not offer refunds beyond the last 15 days. The terms of service that all premium members agreed to clearly state that purchases are only good so long as the server stays up. We are very, very, very appreciative of everyone who helped to support the server and it was only because of you that the server could have stayed up so long.

Side Note on Kitchen Sink:
I started Kitchen Sink as a hobby project to have some fun playing around with a new gametype and some of the ideas that were kicking around in my head for a long time. At the moment, I do not have the time to get far enough into development where it will be a truly great and self-sustainable gametype. It is somewhat likely that it will come back bigger and better at some point, but for now it is going to close down as well until I can finish it.

If you have any questions, comments, or queries feel free to send an email to

Kitchen Sink Released!!!

Brvtvs a posted Dec 19, 14

The first version of Kitchen Sink has been released! You can connect now through the portal in the Horde lobby or using the IP

Kitchen Sink is a silly, fast-paced Minecraft minigame where players compete in matches. Players can break any block in the map and throw it at their opponents to do damage and dismantle the world around them.

This is a first version of Kitchen Sink. There are currently only two gametypes/maps and a lot of features yet to be added. However, we will be working like crazy to release tons of stuff in the near future. To be boring for a second, most of the hard work is behind us. We took our time making a minigame engine and networking infrastructure that really is top-notch.

What that means for cool people is that adding tons of new stuff is a lot easier than it was to get to this point (and much easier than it was on Horde). New maps, gametypes, and features will be coming out soon.

Here are some things that are super-high priority (will be released very soon):
  • A third Kitchen Sink gametype
  • More maps
  • An interactive tutorial
  • More Hero rewards

Here is some things that are high priority (will be released soon):

  • Classes and skills
  • Experience and progression
  • Parties and other social features
  • Probably a website (so I can post about kitchen sink somewhere other than here)
  • Tons more stuff
  • More Hero rewards

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to all of that. This project so far has been a lot of fun and a lot of very hard work. It is a labor of love and I really hope you will all enjoy it.

Remember, to connect the IP is See you all in game!

A Sunk Kitchen

Brvtvs a posted Dec 18, 14

Yay! The first version of the new gametype has a release date, which is ambiguously "this weekend". That new gametype is Kitchen Sink. Some of you may know what that is, many probably do not.

Kitchen Sink is a silly, fast-paced Minecraft minigame where players compete in matches. Players can break any block in the map and throw it at their opponents to do damage and dismantle the world around them.

While we are releasing a first version, Kitchen Sink is still under active development and there will be tons and tons of new stuff added constantly over the next few months.

Kitchen Sink will be accessible through a portal in Horde's spawn and through the IP

I hope to see you all there!

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