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I've been doing a lot of thinking. And I'm afraid I just can't make time for the server anymore. The amount of stress, money, and time its taken to run this server is overwhelming. Within the next 2 weeks I will be shutting Zhorde down. I'm not trying to hurt anyones feelings, if you have any concerns or issues you can message me directly and we will work them out. I've tried and tried to make time for this server, but I just can't do it anymore. I hope that you all can forgive me for letting you down, and I hope that we can someday possibly come back from this. But until then I have no idea.
Hello everyone,

During this October, we will be implementing several new changes and features. We'd like to thank you for your patience, and we hope that you enjoy the following preview.

Halloween Update

We have given the server a Halloween-inspired makeover for the month of October. Keep your eyes peeled for these changes as they may be subtle. These aesthetic changes include a new zombie appearance and a new Hub theme. Pumpkins have also started popping up everywhere, including the arenas. If you see a pumpkin in the arena, smash it! A limited-time-only prize will be awarded to players that successfully smash 8 pumpkins or more this month.

▶ New Map: Horrorland


We are excited to announce our new arena, Horrorland, releasing on October 19th.

Horrorland will be a permanent addition to our arena roster. It will feature two unique bosses: The Scarecrow and The Headless Horseman. These bosses will appear during Wave 25 and 60, respectively. Additionally, all regular zombies will feature a permanent, Halloween-inspired look to complement the map’s theme.

Another new map, Fallen, will be introduced in November. Details on this new map will be shared in our next update post.

▶ A sneak peak of Fallen:


New Gadgets

Jack O’ Lantern Launcher – For aspiring pyromaniacs, this gadget shoots out explosive Jack O’ Lanterns!

Bat Scepter – For those fond of flying rat-like creatures, this gadget shoots out a swarm of sinister bats!

(These new gadgets will have a short cooldown period following use.)

The 3 new Halloween tags on the server store will be...
Hey everyone, I know its been awhile but I didn't have enough news to cover an entire post, but now I think I can cover enough things to make it worthwile. So let's get right into it!

My first bit of news is on our new map Submerged. It is already finished to a large degree. Hopefully it will come out soon.

My second bit of news is also pretty exiting. We now have a newer and better tutorial room build by none other the our own _Ember_, remember to thank him for his hard work.

My third piece of news is also extremely exciting, and in my opinion, the most exciting. We are hiring a youtuber with 35,000 subscribers to do a livestream on Friday. I won't reveal his name, as I don't want people going to his channel yet. But this should hopefully boost our player numbers. Its happening at 7:pM EST

The fourth piece of news, is a bit of a mundane one for normal players, but large news nonetheless. The coding of our own anticheat has finally been completed and is now being tested. This has the side affect of being buggy yet, kicking players who arn't cheating, and flagging many more. It's still a WIP. But it's a large step towards making Zombiehorde a fun and fair community for everyone.

Now what are we working on. Our main goal is to get our anti-cheat functioning by the time the livestream mentioned above happens. We also want to get all of the other major bugs fixed. After that we will probably work on achievements.

Now one final thing to say. We are looking for names for a couple of the items in premium kits. If you have anything you would like to suggest click HERE to go suggest them. Put as many as you would like, you only have to fill out the ones you want to suggest.
Hey everyone. So like we promised in the update, we would be adding in a boss arena under spawn. We never specified what time this event would take place, so that's what this post is about. The times are 12 AM and 12 PM EST everyday. If you find any bugs, please report them in the bug reports section and follow the format. Have a great rest of your day. -Plat
Didn't think Zombie Horde could get any cooler? Well you thought wrong! With this texture pack, our custom in game weapons will now have amazing cool looks to them! To install this texture pack here's a little tutorial:

1. Click the download link.

2. Download the file.

3. Extract the Zhorde folder from the .zip file.

4. Drop the Zhorde folder into your resource packs folder.

5. Once in Minecraft, Hit ESC, click Options, Resourcepacks, then click the Arrow to enable the resource pack on the left side. Click done! Then kapow! Amazingness!

Here's the link guys:
--------------------{Zombie Horde Full Release}--------------------

After a year and a half of planning, developing, hardships, and testing, we have finally come to an end point for our progression! I am pleased to announce that Zombie Horde will be fully releasing on July 28th 12PM EST!
I can't thank you guys enough for helping to support, and test the server to get it this far! This is where all of our hard work pays off! As promised in announcements and tweets, I will add a list below of the major things we have added/changed on the server during this time of development! Please take your time to read, and don't hesitate to ask any questions!

- All the new mobs have been added to the arenas! This has increased the difficulty and makes arenas more challenging!

- The Shotgun, Crossbow, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Flamethrower have been added into the game.

- New Quests have been added in relevance with players ranks to make them more easier for new players to achieve.

- The Prestige Shop has been added into the spawn, along with a voting npc.

- Finished Anguith City Map.

- A Boss event arena has been added under the hub. Event's will happen in a based timed frame. Up to 100 players will be able to participate to kill the boss. New Minions have also been added for the event arena:

Warper - This zombie will teleport to a location behind the player every time it is dealt damage. (Relative to an endermans attack)

Skull Rider - The horse will bite players, while the skeleton rider shoots a power 2 flame 1 bow at players.
The horse will also attack players dealing 2 hearts of damage per hit. (It is a skeleton riding a skeleton horse)

Inferno - When this zombie walks, it leaves a 3-4 block trail of fire behind it....
Hello everyone! With only a few weeks left before release and a few days before the private testing period, we thought it was time to go in depth about the new prestige system. This new system will completely rework the way prestiging works. This new system will allow you to prestige 10 times before reaching the final rank. Each time you prestige, you will receive a prestige token that will allow you to purchase kits and perks only obtainable by prestiging. We understand that just prestiging once takes a long time, so we increased the xp value per kill so many people can reach high prestiges. In chat you will now be able to see what prestige someone is on by just looking at their name in chat.
As you can see, we still have a lot of work on our hands and as a result of this I have a message from Butter.

Hey guys! I've been extremely busy over the past couple weeks, and I apologize for not getting to you guys sooner. I had Plat make this post because he has more time on his hands. What I originally said was that Zombiehorde would release the 21st at the latest, well due to some more work piling up, and tons of new ideas from the community, we've decided to push that date. The final release date being set for the server is going to be July 28th. With an extra week to play with we will be able to finish all of the new content we promised you guys, and more! We also have some other special surprises in store for all of you! The testing date will remain the same as we do need players to test the server. If you have any more questions or concerns please leave them in the comments below!

If you guys have any questions, please leave them down in the comment section or message me on discord. Have a great rest of your day. -Plat
Hey everyone. So a few weeks ago, Butter made a post announcing the new 3.0 Update. In this post he brought up that me and some of the staff have been working on events for the server. I have a few events planned but this is the one we are ready to announce and have started to work on.

Boss Fights

How these events will work is a message will appear in the chat saying something along the lines of "Click Here to join the boss fight." This will take you into an arena just like every other map where you will select a kit and wait for the arena to start. We are still deciding if this will be normal kits or special kits for the event. But when the timer counts down you are transported into the arena in the picture above. From here a giant zombie will spawn and will have a lot of health. On top of this, the boss will have abilities such as summoning minions to attack you and other undecided abilities. Once the boss is defeated, the players will receive rewards. Players who could not join the arena can watch from spawn because this whole event is taking place right beneath spawn.

We still have quite a bit to discuss about this and over time more towards the release of the server, I will be showing off more events and release more updates on the boss fights. We have hopefully 34 more days until the server reopens and you guys can get your hands on all these new and exciting features. Have a great rest of your day. -Plat
Hey guys! Here's the update you've all been awaiting so patiently for! I'm just going to go over some things quick as to what we are working on/adding before we fully release! So without further ado here ya be:

• The new mobs are going to be added in.

• The Crossbow, Flamethrower, and Shotgun will all be added in.

• All bosses are getting their personal appearances and gaining 2 more custom attacks.

• We are going to be coding our own Anti Cheat System.

• We have to make some changes to the Database for how it loads and stores data for the Bungee system.

• Everything that was announced in this post is also being added:

• A whole bunch of other server related plugins are also going to be rewritten and made. I know it doesn't look like a lot to you guys, but it really is more work than you realize. Expect the server to be "Done" by July 21st. I say done in quotes because I am unsure if we will meet that deadline. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the forum below! Thanks!
==========================={ Zombie Horde 3.0 }===========================

Hey guys! I know it's been quite a while since we released the
2.0 update, but I think it's time we released some new
information to you guys about the 3.0 update.

As most of you may have already noticed, we've been quite generous when it comes to giving out boosters, giving players xp, and other free things. Well there was an ulterior motive. Ever since Zombie Horde released for Alpha testing, (correcting my past dumb mistake) back in December of 2016 we've had a massive amount of players join. We are at a grand total of 4,059 people that have joined Zombie Horde in the past year and a half. That's amazing! I can't thank you guys enough, and the many others who helped spread the word and get the server out. Up until now a majority of players were given advantages when it came to ranking up, and this put many players at an unfair advantage point. That is why we have decided to reset everyone's ranks on the server when 3.0 releases on May 31st. It's not just because of the past players getting advantages and leveling up fast, it's also the new Prestige system that's going to be added that will give players more options when it comes to leveling up. Now before you all cry Mutiny and tie me to a stake and light a fire, allow me to explain how YOU can benefit from this rank reset. All players who have obviously joined the server have the chance to participate in this. Everyone who Prestiges to PDefault by June 1st, will receive some special items as a reward for sticking around. I will list the rewards below, and I will also go into depth for what the 3.0 update holds for you guys. Without further ado here we go:

Prizes for the players that meet the rank required before the reset:

- Special 2.0 Beta...