June Updates and Future Plans.
Greetings everyone!

Time for another update! As the server progresses in development we think it's time to provide you guys with some news regarding content updates and future plans for the server.


---Lucky Arena---
Our newest game mode Lucky Arena is nearly complete. This game mode brings a new PVP aspect to the Zhorde server. In this mode players will fight in a battle royal. Will you come out on top? or will you fall at the feet of your enemies?

For those of you that have been following Lucky Arena development, Here are some upcoming features.

- An assist system. You will be awarded coins for assisting on kills.

- Some hostile mobs will be removed.(Witches and Pigmen)

- New weapons and gadgets will be added. Such as.....

(More Items will be added. We don't want to ruin the surprise)


As for our classic game mode, worry not. We still have plans for development and future updates. As always we appreciate feedback and take it into account when adding new content as well as changing current aspects of the server. Any feedback can be posted in our discord....
Zombie Horde - Ghouls, Goldies, and Heretics Oh My!

Greetings everyone!

After a long wait, I'm pleased to announce that tomorrow at 6PM EST we will be opening the server back up! We've made a vast amount of changes in the past week, and we can't wait to get everyones feedback and of course, find more bugs to squash! So below I'll go ahead and get into some detail as to what was changed!


• We've designed a new friends plugin for the server, it is still in development, but should be operational for players to use. The friends menu will also allow you to directly invite your friends to your parties.

• I'm pleases to finally announce that there is now 3 difficulties for all you try hards out there! Medium, for you oh so normies. Insane, for those of you with some anger to take out. And of course, Endless mode, for the people who have no lives and want to play Zhorde for all of eternity! These modes will be explained in more depth below.

- Medium Mode: Medium mode has had nothing changed except adding the possibility of a Goldie spawning in the arena, as well as the spawning mechanics of the waves.

- Insane Mode: Three new mobs have been added to Insane mode, The Ghoul, Heretic, and Goldie. Goldies will also spawn in Endless and Medium mode arenas, but the Ghoul and Heretic are Insane exclusive. Chests looted inside of Insane arenas will only grant you 1 item per chest (2 if you have the scavenger perk). Wave intervals were reduced to 20 seconds instead of 30. For now, these are the only changes for Insane mode. Unless players comment that the mode is still to...
Zombie Horde - February Updates and More!

Greetings everyone!

After a long wait, I'm pleased to announce that on February 7th, we will be starting back up development on the server! The server will go down on February 7th at 6PM EST and will remain in maintenance mode until February 15th 6PM EST. During this time we will be fixing a numerous amount of bugs that were found over the past month, as well as implementing new features to Zombie Horde such as new difficulty modes, mini-games, and more! I'll be going into more detail on these features below, and I will try to release as much information as possible without giving away some other surprised we have in store for you! So without further ado:


• The roman numeral depicting a persons prestige number is going to be added back.

• Bosses in arenas on waves 25 and 60 will be able to damage and kill Iron Golems.

• The new Minigame "Lucky Arena"

Desc: 12 players will spawn into a maze type arena surrounded by bushes, and lucky blocks. The person with the most points for killing other players at the end of (X) minutes will be the winner. When breaking lucky blocks, players could potentially give themselves OP items to win the game, or they could open a portal to hell and unleash chaos into the arena. When you die, you lose points you accumulated from killing other players. So try to stay alive as long as possible. This game will be finished and added into the Beta testing phase either before the server reopens or right...
Zhorde Beta News and More!
Hey everyone!

I have exciting news! With progress now being made on the server so quickly we will be able to open for Beta testing right now! During this time, there will be extensive testing, and data gathering on any bugs that may occur. For those of you that have Beta access, please know that your stats, coins, kills etc. Will not be saved. Please be aware that severe or minor bugs may occur, and that your playing experience may be interrupted by these things. In other news, I’m going to be putting a list below of all the changes that will be undergoing on the server as well as some bug fixes.


Curse of the Horde’s size has been reduced by 40%. We eliminated meaningless tunnels and dead ends and made the map a bit easier to navigate. The original rooms were still kept, just moved closer together.

All the maps listed below are getting appearance makeovers to make them more aesthetic. Please keep in mind, the maps layout and structures WILL NOT BE CHANGING. Only things like trees, snow, rocks etc. are being added around the maps to give them more of an atmospheric look.

· Cold Dead

· Grains

· Hordelands

· Dawn of the Horde

· Mansion of Massacre

· Cruise of Chaos

· Curse of the horde

· Nowherefast

· Undead High

· 6 Blocks Under (The entire map was changed due to the original one being horribly built)

· Hauntedhalls

· Sanctuary

· Volcano

· Incarceration

· Stranded

· Sewers of Surprise

· Anguith City

Beachfront is being removed from the arenas menu

Immaterium is being removed from the arenas menu


When players die in an arena, and are awaiting to be revived, their skin wouldn’t display properly.

Spectator mode not enabling when dying.

A security breach through the bungee has been patched.

Current permissions system not synching permissions across all servers.

Teleporting to...
Website is back up!
After a long wait, the website is back up!
Server Texture Pack!
Didn't think Zombie Horde could get any cooler? Well you thought wrong! With this texture pack, our custom in game weapons will now have amazing cool looks to them! To install this texture pack here's a little tutorial:

1. Click the download link.

2. Download the Zhorde.zip file.

3. Extract the Zhorde folder from the .zip file.

4. Drop the Zhorde folder into your resource packs folder.

5. Once in Minecraft, Hit ESC, click Options, Resourcepacks, then click the Arrow to enable the resource pack on the left side. Click done! Then kapow! Amazingness!

Here's the link guys: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0wd4cz9k9hnqiic/Zhorde.zip/file

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