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Hello everyone. So that time has come as you could tell by the title. Thank you to everyone who applied. The two chosen will be announced on our discord server ( the next few days. The two chosen, please message me on discord to set up a time for the voice interview. If you received the accepted message on your application and do not respond to me by next Friday, we will choose someone else for the helper position. For all of those who were not accepted, please message me on discord for the reason of why you were denied. Anyway, thank you for applying and we hope to see new applications and some of the old ones in the next month or two when we reopen the staff applications once more.
==========================={ Zombie Horde 2.0 }===========================

Greetings everyone! I have some great news! We have a list of updates, that are now set
in stone to be applied by March 30th! I'll be listing these changes below, along with
any explanations that need to be put with them! Thanks!

- Mobs on the Grains map will be fixed, along with all via-version errors and other users using 1.9-1.12.

- The zombies spawning in with large amounts of health, and sets of armor will be fixed.

- When a player is dealt lethal damage (And they arent saved by the Second chance perk) They obviously die. When the player dies, their body will lay on the ground and a timer will appear above the players head that reads:

&a&lHold Sneak To Revive!


It takes 3 seconds to revive a player, the timer will pause when a player is in the process of being revived.

Each player can only be revived once in 1 game, if a player is not revived in the 10 second limit then they die permanently and then get sent to spectator mode.

- The Bloodsucker potion is going to be fixed and changed to the original potion.

- The new look to the tab menu is going to be added.

- 7 maps will be getting a special weapon, that will be purchasable for 500 gold.

- A new scoreboard for the lobby is going to be added.

[COLOR=rgb(128, 128,...
Hello everybody. First off, I would like to say thank you all for helping us test out the server. As you can judge by the title, that testing time has come to an end. We plan on reopening Friday, March 30th but of course plans can change but we will aim to reopen on that date. During this down period, we planning on adding many things such as boss attack patterns, new maps, and finishing the new donor rank, Epsilon. All of this has been listed on our discord ( ) and is the best way to keep up to date with all the latest news. Anyway, I hope to see you all on March 30th. See you then. -Plat
Apologies for the short notice! We will open for testing tonight at 6PM EST. The testing period will last from Friday March 2 6PM EST until March 5th 6PM EST. During this time we want you to be all aware that bugs may occur, and losses might also. We recommend you keeping record and proof of your rank, kills, etc. Please report any bugs you find in the discord channel with as much detail as possible! Thank you all for your patience! Hope to see you there! Also the available arenas to play will be Cold Dead, Dawn Of The Horde, Grains, and Mathus Station.

Zombie Horde 2.0:
Hey everyone! As you can probably tell we now have the old domains, and With that finally being established we've finally achieved a huge goal in reviving Zombiehorde! I know many of you are wondering when the server is going to come back up, and what the current situation is, so I'm going to explain all of those things!

Our Current Issues:
For those of you that don't know, our database that currently gathers information on players xp, stats, and ranks is currently being worked on. When the server started getting more busy and more players were actively starting to join the community, the database was being filled faster than we could have thought. This started to cause lag spikes during game play for the players. Large amounts of data from players getting kills, earning xp, and gathering coins were being crammed at awkward and unpredictable speeds to the database. This caused lag for the entire server, and it led to us having to take the server down to fix this issue. The database fix is currently at around 50%. Our developer @Hot Chocolate is working as fast and efficiently as he can to get the server back into working order. Now once the database is "complete" the server will open for a brief time of 2-4 days for people to test some of the new things added, and make sure that the lag issues have been fixed. I cannot provide an exact date as to when this will happen, but I can say that the server will be open for a testing period in definitely 2 weeks or less. This leads me onto my next topic which I will explain in detail below.

2.0 Features and Changes:
Most of you have...
Hey everyone! As I'm sure you're all aware, it's been a few weeks since the server went down for maintenance.
We are still hard at work to fix a bunch of things that have gone long enough without getting the proper maintenance they needed. The database is still be worked on by Dragonfly, and the new Quests, and achievements, and other fixes are still being added in by Hotchocolate. There isn't much that needs to be explained, but I did have a question for you as the community, and I also wanted to go over a few things that we are working on. So without further ado:

The Mini Boss that spawns on wave 25. Is it really needed? Why doesn't it have any special attacks? Whats its purpose?

These are the questions I cannot answer myself, the goal of the mini boss spawning on wave 25 was something to give players something to do earlier in the waves. Not everyone wants to play for 25 minutes just to fight 1 boss and then beat the arena. People like challenges that are gradually growing as they complete wave after wave. I wanted you guys to vote whether you wanted to keep the Mini Boss on wave 25, or change the wave to something else thats special or unique. You are welcome to post any ideas, or concerns you have in the comments, and I look forward to reading them!

What we are currently working on:

Fully fixing achievements, adding in the last 40 achievements that are missing, and fixing the rewards for them.

Fixing all bosses for every arena. I'll admit once again, bosses were rushed and very sloppily put together by me. They need to be completely redesigned and given even more custom attacks to keep players on their toes. This should have been done from the very beginning and I apologize that its taken this long to properly do that.

The Quest Master is being added. A Quest Master will appear in spawn once the server reopens. After right clicking the Quest master, you will be presented with several daily quests to earn xp, coins, and other various rewards. Quests...