The Future and Fate of ZombieHorde
Hello Gamers,

Our Apologies to all gamers, and Community Members

We as the ZombieHorde staff team have been taking some analytics of players over the past 6-12 months, players that play the game, players that sit in the lobbies, players that join and leave in 5 minutes, players that play a huge amount on our server. And we have crunched a ton of numbers together and we have had a situation.

It's not any news that this fan remake of ZombieHorde has not been going to plan, we have a lack of updates from our development team (mostly my fault), lack of player retention, lack of players as a whole. We have had multiple shutdowns and beta testing phases in which have shown us quite a few things. Some of the most promising things is that our old veteran players love this server, and come to play on here almost every other day, grinding it out. Our newer players, we have had a problem retaining players in which have caused us to change the way this server operates to welcome newer players to our server rather than serve everyone in the community as a whole.

Our main goal is to have the best hardware for the server to ensure stability, availability, and no loss of data, as well as provide the most enjoyable experience to everyone playing on our server at any given time.

We at the ZombieHorde staff team feel as we have let not just ourselves down, but the entire network and community as a whole. Our updates are not as quick as they once were, our newer maps are not built as quickly for newer events, our new minigames even are not where they need to be to enjoy stable performance, and even then so... our servers that run our network as a whole have had issues hardware wise.

1.17, everyone knows and understands that the most recent update of Minecraft has added quite a few things, blocks, new mechanics, tons of great new things to the client that we are unable to offer due to being a 1.8 server still allowing our users to join with 1.16.5 clients. We...

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Our server is the official successor to the original Zombiehorde. With the goal to redefine and enhance the original concept, we aim to provide a fun and exciting gameplay experience.

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