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  1. JayCraft2
    Developing Points System and other advanced, fun features for the Panacea Discord Bot. Beta release of these features coming soon.
  2. Leda
    Leda butterontoast7
    what’s the server address now? I played everyday yearsss ago
    1. butterontoast7
      Apr 19, 2021
  3. Draggo
  4. nathanjagh
    Missin this server real bad rn
  5. SakuraDevilZero
  6. Silent
    Returning player, was SilentPoof16, changed to Roxikyu
  7. Duey722
    Walk tall, my friends.
  8. Negra_xD
    bruh sound effect #2
  9. Freedo
  10. Nendeagon202
  11. BRuhawkio
  12. SwaggySwagLord
    SwaggySwagLord butterontoast7
    I purchased the blood sucker class way back in the day. If I logged on again would I still have the class?
    1. Resaca_
      You would not. We follow the Minecraft EULA so nothing purchasable gives an unfair in game advantage. However, all premium kits are purchasable with in game coins!
      Apr 16, 2020
    2. JayCraft2
      To be clear, this Zombiehorde is not the same server as the original one you purchased bloodsucker from. Thus, we don't have records of those purchases. This server is a recreation of that original, although we own all of the original game files/maps/etc. And luckily, premium kits no longer cost irl money to buy, you can buy them through in-game coins as Res mentioned above. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Apr 16, 2020
    3. Bennett
      I also suggest you put your questions on discord instead of posting it on butter's profile page lol
      Apr 17, 2020
  13. Defendings
    Yo Kurumi78, I swear I keep seeing you on
  14. kittenkitten
    Changed my MC username to Jacklefrackle to match all my other gamertags.
  15. Defendings
    Technoblade Never Dies
  16. Renasen
    Love and Honor
  17. butterontoast7
    butterontoast7 Anvil
    Nice reference to Unordinary
    1. Anvil likes this.
  18. Anvil
    You just lost the game bucko
  19. JayCraft2
    I don’t often tell dad jokes, but when I do he laughs.
  20. Kurumi78
    Food is part of a balanced diet.

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