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    Bugs and safespots can be reported either here or on our Discord, though reporting them on the Discord is the preferred method. Bugs properly reported on our Discord server are automatically added to our developers' trello boards, allowing the devs to view and fix bugs quicker than usual.

    The Bug-Reporting Process

    To report a bug on the Discord, first go to the #bug-reports channel on our Discord server. You will not have perms to send messages in the channel. Then, click on the ticket emoji shown (the reaction on the first message in that channel).


    Once you've clicked on that ticket reaction, you will be given perms to send messages in the channel, and a message like this one will appear:


    You can now send one or two messages in that channel describing the bug or glitch you encountered. You can include an image or link in either of the messages, and they will be attached to the bug report as evidence.


    If you send two messages, the bug report will automatically submit. If you only send one message, you will need to click the envelope emoji to submit your report (or your report will automatically submit after 5 minutes). Once you've submitted your report, you will once again no longer have perms to send messages in the channel. A submission message will then be sent:


    And that's all you have to do! Your bug report will now be sent to a hidden, staff-only discord channel containing all bug reports ever sent, and it will additionally be sent to our Trello board where the devs will be able to easily manage which bugs need to be fixed, which are in the process of being fixed, and which bugs have already been fixed. This is what your bug report will look like for staff on Discord and Trello, respectively:


    And of course, if you attached any evidence to your bug report, your evidence would be shown in place of the white "bug.png" image shown in both of the above images. This applies for both image and video evidence (including youtube URLs). Overall, this entire bug-reporting process is a two-step process designed to be both easy to use and helpful to the staff; all you have to do is click a button, and then send some messages.

    The Safespot-Reporting Process

    Reporting safespots on Discord is a bit different. No fancy commands, reactions, or prefixes. All you need to do is send a message and image/video proof in the #safespot-reports channel on our Discord!


    There used to be two alternative methods of reporting bugs on the Discord listed here, but to avoid confusion with the current bug-reporting system, I have removed them from this post. Those alternative methods have been removed entirely, as this post previously mentioned would occur.

    If you ever have any questions about how to report bugs or how to use any of the features in the Zhorde Discord Bot (Panacea), feel free to ask the staff members or DM me (Cannicide#2753).
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