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    Greetings Everyone!

    I'll be adding a list below of all of the fixes we implemented last week.


    - Fixed join messages not appearing for lucky arena.
    - Fixed a problem involving the scoreboard for max level players.
    - Fixed a problem with some quests not properly updating.
    - Using the Telebow gadget no longer counts towards the bow spammer/robin hood achievements.
    - Players will no longer get kicked from a game due to the "Force Field" ability on some bosses.
    - The wave 60 bosses horse will now take damage on Horrorland.
    - Fixed a problem with disconnected players remaining in an arena after they have left.
    - Fixed a text display error when receiving a friend request.
    - Fixed a bug that would allow players to see spectators when in an arena.


    - Added new map "Cobas Calamity"
    - Added new map "Boziem Desert"
    - Spectators can no longer interact with pressure plates, buttons, and doors.
    - Changed the wave timer from 30 seconds to 25 seconds for medium and endless arenas.
    - Updated spawn points on Shipwrecked.
    - Updated spawn points on Trench of Terror.


    Items listed here are issues that a developer has been assigned to fix and is actively being worked on. None of these issues are listed in any discernible order, and this is only meant to serve as a running list of in-progress bugs/issues that are known and actively receiving attention by a developer.

    - Lucky Arena Minigame.
    - Major Guild Update.
    - Special waves for arenas.
    - More Achievements and Quests.
    - More prestige levels, prestige perks, and normal perks.
    - King of the Hill Minigame.

    Please keep in mind that if you see that these bugs are still occurring make a report in the servers discord or message a staff member ASAP! Thanks to everyone who helped find and report these bugs! Talk to you all next week! Note: Some of these Implemented fixes or changes will take effect next restart if they haven't already. Thank you!
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