Cyber's Guide To Premium Kits.

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    In this guide I will be talking about the premium kits on zhorde. I'll be given descriptions of the kits, listing the items each kit comes with, provide information on how to better utilize each kits strengths, and as always list my favorite kits in order based on my experience.

    General Information:
    Currently there are 9 premium kits in the game. Each can be bought via the shop in the lobby for 150k coins. When you use a premium kit you will receive a 1 hour cool down before being able to use another in game. This is to prevent players from spam running premium kits which essentially makes them permanently overpowered. (I believe a 1 hour cool down on the premium kits is more than reasonable.)

    You can view what comes with each kit by right-clicking it in the shop.

    Blood Sucker:
    Weapon: The Fangblade (Smite 3 diamond sword).
    Armor: Full protection 3 leather armor.(Slightly worse than iron armor).
    Misc: 1 Cure, adrenaline (gives you strength 4, speed, and resistance for 20 seconds but also poisons you).
    Ability: Lifesteal (When killing an enemy regenerate .25 of a heart, 4 kills = 1 heart).

    Notes: Bloodsucker is generally the best assault kit in the game. The smite 3 diamond sword 2 hits normal zombies and makes easy work of Brawlers and Bonies. To top it off the lifesteal ability is sure to save you gold nuggets from buying health potions. If you are indecisive when buying your first kit, you can't go wrong with bloodsucker.

    Weapon: Iron sword, flamethrower.
    Full protection 3 leather armor (Slightly worse than iron armor).
    Misc: 10 grenades, 2 health potions, 10 molotovs, 1 iron golem, and finally 1 porkchop.
    Ability/special weapon: Flamethrower. Right click with this weapon shoot a wall of flames at your enemy. You spawn in with 140 ammo with a max capacity of 280. once one fire the zombies will burn for the 7-8 ticks. Same as a molotov. Upon looting a chest you will receive 10 ammo. Also note that the flamethrower uses 10 ammo per second. so be conservative.

    Notes: Saboteur while not for everyone, is a great choice for those wanting to do some AOE damage.(Area of effect). Generally better for those who prefer to play solo. By bunching the zombies up you can easily ignite an entire wave. Although you may find it harder to use when playing with others. The flamethrower can still be used to flex on those who don't have it.

    Paladin: (Possibility of nerf)
    Weapon: Iron sword (Smite 1)
    Armor: No helmet. protection 4/thorns 2 gold chest, legs, and boots + feather falling 4.
    Misc: 1 health potion, 1 potion of regeneration (45secs).
    Ability: Blessed (You never have to eat)

    Notes: If you don't like eating, choose paladin. If you don't like taking damage, choose paladin. If the ability to never go hungry wasn't enough for you. This kit also comes with the most tanky armor in the game. Are you tired of brawlers and bonies hitting you for 3 hearts... just get paladin, It will be like they're hugging you instead. I bet you're thinking there's no way this kit can get any better... Well you're wrong. Whether this is intentional or not, since paladin doesn't need to eat. when you loot chests, you only receive health pots, iron, or nuggets. It takes the food out of the equation. This means you will receive more potions and nuggets than any other kit.

    Weapon: Iron Axe (Smite 2)
    Armor: Protection 1 chain helm and chest, no legs, chain boots.
    Misc: Potion of swiftness (Speed 2, 1:30), 2 porkchops.
    Ability: Wolves (Spawn with 2 wolves that 3 hit zombies and can NOT die)

    Notes: Beastmaster is a perfect kit for those who want to be lazy. 2 wolves combined with iron golems and you barely need to do any work. Wolves not quite cutting it? Don't worry, the Iron axe will 2 hit normal zombies. All in all, this kit can easily be an alternative to bloodsucker for those of you who want some fluffy friends to hang with.

    Weapon: Iron sword (Sharpness 1, Knockback 1)
    Armor: Protection 2 leather helmet, chain chest, no legs or boots.
    Misc: 15 health potions, 4 porkchops.
    Ability: Regeneration (When receiving damage, regeneration 2 is applied to you and all nearby allies. 5secs. This ability is bound to the chest plate.)

    Notes: For those of you that prefer playing a support role medic is for you. Helping your team during combat and save on nuggets can be crucial for survival. especially for those looking to tackle insane mode. Although keep in mind that you may need to take damage so the regeneration ability will apply to you and your team. It's best to play this kit as a "Front line" medic.

    Weapon: Iron sword (Sharpness 1)
    Armor: Protection 3 helmet and boots, protection 4 leather chest and legs.
    Misc: 1 health potion, cobweb (Knockback 2).

    Ability: Fade (Activated through the cobweb. You become invisible and can insta-kill all zombies for 5secs)

    Notes: Not even going to try and write a marketing scheme for this kit. It's alright. The armor is slightly better than iron and the ability is fun to use. Sword is equivalent to diamond.

    Weapon: Stormbreaker (Iron Axe, Sharpness 2)
    Armor: Protection 4/thorns 2 gold helmet, protection 1 iron chest. no legs or boots.
    Misc: 5 health potions, 5 porkchops
    Ability: Zeus Axe (Throw your axe and call down a lightning bolt igniting nearby zombies)

    Notes: Do you want to be a god? Thor can make that happen. The ability may have a 18 second cool down but the uses are infinite. The fact you don't have to worry about ammo makes this kit stand above Saboteur in the AOE department, making it the best AOE kit in the game. As with all AOE kits, Thor is better suited for solo play. Although calling down lightning when playing with others is definitely a flex.

    Weapon: Iron sword
    Armor: Fire protection 1 gold helmet, protection 1 leather chest, legs, boots.
    Misc: 10 Health potions, 2 Iron golems, 10 porkchops.
    Ability: Greed (Bound to your gold helmet, zombies will drop 3-5 nuggets instead of 2-3)

    Notes: At first glance nothing really stands out when it comes to this kit. While the extra gold nuggets can be used for extra grenades and health potions. I find that this kit is most useful in combo with the transfusion perk. The two together can result in thousands of extra coins every time you use it. While it may not shine in damage or protection, or have a stand out ability. This is a very good kit for farming coins.

    Weapon: Cursed Blade (Iron sword sharpness 1)
    Armor: No helmet, iron chest, legs, leather protection 2 boots
    Misc: 2 Health potions, 1 golden apple, 3 iron ingots, 5 porkchops
    Ability: Possessed (10 percent chance to possess a zombies on kill)

    Notes: As cool as this kit sounds I can't say anything good about it. The 10% chance to possess a zombie is fine and all but 90% of the time you're going to possess a normal zombie. A possessed normal zombies takes upwards of 6 hits to kill a normal enemy zombie. The only way this kit is worth it is if you possess a brawler since the 2 hit zombies. To add to it the possessed zombies only last 30 seconds. Long story short, get beastmaster.

    Cyber's Most Powerful Kit Ranking (Opinion)

    1. Paladin
    2. Bloodsucker
    3. Beastmaster
    4. Pharoah
    5. Medic
    6. Thor
    7. Assassin
    8. Saboteur
    9. Warlock
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    Fantastic, 10/10 boss. Glad this has finally been finalized so people can stop arguing about it lol

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