Cyber's Guide To Prestige Perks.

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    In this guide I will be talking about the Prestige perks, giving brief description of those perks, and finally giving suggestions so that you get the best when spending your first few prestige tokens. Unlike my non-prestige perk guide I will not be categorizing them.

    General Information:
    As of this post there are 10 prestige perks. Prestige perks are purchased through the "prestige shop" with "prestige tokens". Prestige tokens can be earned by.... Prestiging! which is accomplished by reaching the "Zombie Genocidist" rank. Prestiging WILL reset your level back to "Default" in exchange for a prestige token. (To prestige you will need 50k coins and it will increase by 10k coins per prestige)

    Prestige Perks:
    Overpowered: (Gain a god apple after defeating the wave 25 boss.)
    This perk is very helpful for the later waves. The god apple gives you 30 seconds of regeneration 3 essentially making you Immortal. For those that struggle between waves 40-59 this perk can extend you survival by a handful of waves. It's also a great way to save on health potions. Take note that you can NOT eat the god apple for 20 seconds after the wave 60 boss spawns, this is to prevent a conflict with the "Power Up" perk.

    Power Up: (Gain strength 2, resistance 2, and regeneration 3 for 20 seconds when the final boss spawns)
    This perk is good for surviving those hard hitting final bosses as well as killing them quick. For any one having trouble killing the final boss this perk can help drastically.

    Now you see me, now you don't: (When dealt lethal damage, teleport to a safe location.)
    This perk is a great safety net for any accidental deaths. It's basically a get out of jail free card. Although it's important to note that this perk will only save you once per game. It will also NOT save you from the void. So don't fall off the map.

    Spoiled: (You receive double loot during supply waves)
    Probably the most underrated prestige perk. This perk is a very good passive perk that doesn't require anything from the player and benefits them greatly. For example you will receive 10 iron instead 5 on the wave 20 supply wave. Very useful for getting that full iron armor quicker.

    Golems Matter: (Doubles golem lifespan)
    This perk is perfect for anyone who want to be lazy and let their golems do most the work. Instead of only lasting 4 waves they will last 8. It's also great for saving money as you will not need to buy as many golems.

    Three's a Crowd: (Allows you to spawn 3 golems instead of 2.)
    Another perk for being lazy. More golems means less work you have to do. Stack this perk with "Golems Matter" and you have a deadly combo.

    Got gold?: (Type /exchange in an arena to convert your iron into gold nuggets at a 1:3 conversion rate.)
    Perfect if you have a surplus of iron. Works well when pared with the "Loot drop" non-prestige perk. Also good for getting an extra couple hundred coins if you have the "Transfusion" perk as well.

    Trigger Happy: (25% chance to not consume ammo when shooting a gun)
    Allows you to shoot more without running out of ammo. Cuts back on time spent looting for ammo. It's also the only perk that benefits those who like using the shotgun.

    Lifeline: (Decreases respawn time from 3secs to 2seconds)
    Adrenaline Rush: (Gain speed 2, jump 2, and resistance 2 for 3 seconds when revived)
    Both these perks give you an extra edge when being revived... I didn't want to include my personal opinion in this section but I really don't have anything good to say about these two perks.

    Cyber's Prestige Perk Rankings(Opinion).:
    1. Spoiled
    2. Now you see me, Now you don't
    3. Overpowered
    4. Power Up
    5. Golems Matter
    6. Three's a Crowd
    7. Got gold?
    8. Trigger happy
    9. Lifeline
    10. Adrenaline Rush
    Suggestions: Get whatever perk suits your play style. Just don't get Lifeline and Adrenaline Rush.(Unless you literally can't buy anything else.)
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    Got Gold > Three's a Crowd imo, it's hard to afford 3 golems and it's kinda unnecessary to have 3 golems at once anyway. As someone who lags out a lot I lose my gold nuggets every time I lag out and using /exchange can help a lot so I'm not completely broke.

    Lifeline and Adrenaline Rush definitely need to be replaced lmao.

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