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    If you are interested in joining our staff team as a Helper, please review the following requirements and instructions before creating your application. Your staff application will not be visible to the public. It will only be visible to staff team members.

    • You must be at least 13 years of age.
    • You must be an active player on the server. We recommend at least 1 hour per day.
    • You must be a member of our Discord server.


    You must use the following template in formatting your application. Applications that do not adhere to our template will be declined and deleted. We recommend copying the template to an external composition software (ex. Microsoft Word) and entering your responses there.

    When you are ready to submit your application, select Post New Thread in the Staff Applications forum. Title your Thread as:

    “[Your Minecraft Username] – Helper Application”

    Paste your completed application into the body of the Thread. Ensure the formatting and content has not changed. Do not attach any files to your Thread. When you are done, select Create Thread to publish your application. Please note that your application will only be visible to the staff.

    Once a staff team member views your application, they will post the following reply:

    “Application under review.”

    During the review stage, a staff team member will review your application and confirm the validity of your responses. After the review stage, your Thread will receive another reply indicating whether your application has been accepted or declined.

    If your application was accepted, you will be issued additional instructions via private message on Discord or the website.

    If your application was declined, an explanation will be provided. Please note that you may submit an unlimited number of applications. However, you must wait 3 weeks before publishing a new application. The date that your application was declined would be the first day of this waiting period.

    *Copy and paste the following template and enter responses accordingly.*

    Section 1 – Background Information

    Minecraft Username:

    Discord Username (including your 4-digit ID number) (ex. Jerry#2496):


    Gender (ex. Male, Female, Rather Not Say):

    Location (Country/Territory):


    Section 2 - Server Activity Information

    *Responses will be verified by a staff member.*

    Average daily time spent on the Zombie Horde server:

    When you first joined Zombie Horde:

    Section 3 – Detailed Responses

    *Answer honestly and with as much detail as possible.*

    1] Why do you choose to play on the Zombie Horde server? What do you enjoy about it? What keeps bringing you back for more?


    2] Why do you want to join the Zombie Horde staff team? What would you contribute?


    3] If you could go back in time to the first day you played on the Zombie Horde server, what would you do differently?


    4] How do you spend your time while on the Zombie Horde server? Do you play games? Do you chat with others? Do you help players and/or staff members?


    5] Is there someone on the staff team that you respect or admire? Are you a friend or family member of one or more staff members?


    6] If you had the power to change something about Zombie Horde, what would you change and why? (Ex. Something that frustrates you, something that would improve the server, etc.)


    7] If your application was accepted today, where would you see yourself 2 months from now?


    8] Do you have any experience related to server development, programming, or maintenance? Are you interested in this field of work?


    Section 4 – Optional Response

    *You may use this section to record any additional information you wish to share.*

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