How to link your Minecraft account to your Discord account

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    If you would like to link your Minecraft account to your Discord account, please read the instructions below. If you possess a VIP Rank on the server, you must link these accounts to receive your VIP Rank on Discord, too.

    Step 1: Log in to the Zombie Horde Minecraft server and type the following command in chat:

    "/discord link" (With a space between "discord" and "link" and without parentheses.) Make note of your 4-digit link code.

    Step 2: On the Zombie Horde Discord server, find the bot called "ZombieHordeDiscordSync" in the user list. Right-click the bot and select Message from the drop-down list.

    Step 3: Type your 4-digit code into the Message box and click Enter. The bot will send you a confirmation message if the linking process was successful.

    Step 4 (For VIP Rank players only): If you wish to unlink your accounts, type "/discord unlink" on the Zombie Horde Minecraft server. Please note that this will immediately unlink your accounts. If you wish to relink your account or link one or more new accounts, please repeat Steps 1 through 3.
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