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    If you witness another player violating a rule on any Zombie Horde platform, please review the following instructions before creating your report.


    You must use the following template in formatting your report. Reports that do not adhere to our template will be deleted. We recommend copying the template to an external composition software (ex. Microsoft Word) and entering your responses there. When you are ready to publish your report, select Post New Thread in the Player Reports forum. Title your Thread as:

    "[Your Username] – Player Report"

    You are permitted to report several individuals within one report, if applicable. You must provide adequate evidence to support any claim(s) you make. Evidence must consist of screenshots, videos, or both. Video evidence must include relevant timestamps if it exceeds 3 minutes in length.

    *Copy and paste the following template and enter responses accordingly.*

    What is the Username of the player (or players) that you are reporting?


    What rule(s) did the player (or players) violate?


    Now it is time to attach your evidence. Videos can be embedded in the Thread by selecting the Media icon. Alternatively, you can attach a URL by selecting the Link icon. Screenshots may be attached by selecting Upload a File and then Full Image to display them in the body of the Thread. Video evidence is preferred if the rule violation involves audio or cheating. When you are done, you may delete this instructional paragraph before publishing your report.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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