June Updates and Future Plans.

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    Greetings everyone!

    Time for another update! As the server progresses in development we think it's time to provide you guys with some news regarding content updates and future plans for the server.


    ---Lucky Arena---
    Our newest game mode Lucky Arena is nearly complete. This game mode brings a new PVP aspect to the Zhorde server. In this mode players will fight in a battle royal. Will you come out on top? or will you fall at the feet of your enemies?

    For those of you that have been following Lucky Arena development, Here are some upcoming features.

    - An assist system. You will be awarded coins for assisting on kills.

    - Some hostile mobs will be removed.(Witches and Pigmen)

    - New weapons and gadgets will be added. Such as.....

    (More Items will be added. We don't want to ruin the surprise)


    As for our classic game mode, worry not. We still have plans for development and future updates. As always we appreciate feedback and take it into account when adding new content as well as changing current aspects of the server. Any feedback can be posted in our discord.

    Content/ Upcoming features.

    - New maps:

    Boziem Desert: After escaping from Curse of the horde you find yourself in an infected market district.

    Knight Of The Dead: Narrowly escaping the overwhelming undead from Hordelands, your airship lands at an overran fortified island. Where you since an evil presence looming from within.

    Cobas Calamity: Journeying from the zombie infested dungeon of Left To Rot you breach through the surface finding yourself at a jungle temple.

    (There is a 4th unnamed map in development. You can see a teaser image above.)

    - Special waves added on waves 14,28,42,56 each wave with more dangerous infected.
    (Many of you have gave feedback regarding wave 56. We are working on balance changes)

    - New perks are on the way. We plan to implement a handful of new non-prestige perks with in the following weeks. Some of which have been took from community suggestions.

    - Community events. We plan on hosting multiple community events in due time. The events will more than likely include prizes such as in game coins and store credit depending on the event.

    - A major guild update that will be more interactive and progressive.

    ---King Of The Hill---

    King of the hill will be the next mini game to be released on Zhorde. It is a fast paced team PVP game mode in which teams are fighting over an objective. Whoever holds control of the objective the longest will win. Multiple power ups can be fought for to provide your team with an extra edge in the fight. We will be providing more updates regarding this game mode as we get further in development.

    In other news. The server will be temporarily down sometime within the next few weeks. We will be switching to a personal hosting computer. We know the server has been down multiple times due to hosting changes and we apologize. As always, thank you for your patience and understanding.

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