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    • Do not spam the chat or overuse caps.
    • Do not harass other players or staff team members.
    • Do not scam other players or staff team members.
    • Do not post or promote inappropriate content. (Includes abusive or prejudicial comments, statements, or remarks.)
    • Do not advertise other servers, websites, channels, or services.
    • Do not attempt to bypass chat filters.
    • Do not use any hacks, Mods, or scripts that grant you unfair gameplay advantages.
    • Do not exploit bugs, glitches, or safe spots. Please report them to a staff team member.
      • A safe spot is any area within a Survival Arena that prevents enemies from reaching you.
    • Do not display offensive character skins or profile pictures.
    • Do not issue chargebacks against the Zombie Horde E-Store. (All e-Store purchases are non-refundable.)
    • Do not evade a restrictive punishment by using an alternate account.
    • Do not pester staff team members about applications, appeals, punishments, or reports.
    • Do not pester other players for their kits or gear.
    • Do not misuse the Discord voice channels by playing loud music, acting inappropriately, or causing unruly disruptions.
    The Zombie Horde staff team reserves the right to administer punishments on a case by case basis. Unless otherwise stated, the rules above apply to all Zombie Horde platforms including the server, website, and Discord.

    Permitted Mods:
    • Almost Enough Items and all variants
    • Ambient Sounds 3
    • AppleSkin
    • Batty’s Coordinates PLUS
    • Better FPS
    • Better Title Screen
    • BiomeInfo
    • Chunk Animator
    • Controlling
    • Cursor Mod
    • Custom Backgrounds
    • Custom Selection Box Port
    • Dynamic Lights
    • Dynamic Surroundings
    • FoamFix
    • FPS Reducer
    • Hwyla
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Just Enough Items
    • Labymod
    • LocaleFixer
    • MAmbience
    • Mod Name Tooltip
    • Mouse Tweaks
    • No Auto Jump
    • No Recipe Book
    • Non Update
    • OfflineSkins
    • OptiFine
    • Phosphor
    • RandomPatches
    • Rift: Mouse Tweaks for Rift
    • Roughly Enough Items
    • RPG Hud
    • SmoothFont
    • Status Effect Hud
    • Surge
    • Texture Dump
    • ThaiFixes
    • VanillaFix
    • VoxelMap
    • WIT (What Is That)
    • WorldInfo
    • Xaero’s Minimap

    Any Mods that grant unfair gameplay advantages are strictly prohibited. If you want to use a Mod that is not listed above, please ask JayCraft2 if it is permitted before using it. The Mod will be added to the list if it is permitted.
Thread Status:
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