Which is the easiest boss?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Draggo, Mar 28, 2021.

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    There are a lot of maps with different bosses. But which one is the easiest?

    Posting this after getting the zombie horse boss. does like 10 damage per hit. really hard so I need some ez bosses.
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    Depends on a ton of different factors, honestly. You would have to consider the following questions to determine the difficulty of a boss on any map:
    • How open might this map be?
    • What hazards does this map have that can be used against the bosses?
    • What kit would you be using?
    • Is the mid-game boss more powerful than the final boss?
    • What perks do you have?
    • What prestige perks do you have?
    • How many kills are you able to get per game on this map (related to some of the previous points)?
    • How much gold are you able to get per game on this map (related to some of the previous points)?
    Many of the bosses across various maps are pretty similar in terms of difficulty. There are quite a few that stand out simply because they are tougher than usual. In terms of mid-game bosses, the mid-game boss of Sewers of Surprise (Greg) is pretty strong. Greg used to be one of the easiest bosses, but has since been buffed for the memes. Still, he's one of the easiest bosses to defeat if you can keep him in the water and avoid getting hit by him. The final boss of Sewers is also pretty easy to beat.

    Just like with Greg, some of the easiest bosses to beat can also be some of the toughest if you don't play it right. The Stygia bosses are an example of this. If you can manage to knock em off the map, they are the easiest bosses to defeat out of all of them, taking only seconds to defeat. But if you can't, the danger that you may get knocked off the map yourself makes them pretty tough to defeat.

    And of course, we have maps like Fallen that are very easy to beat. Because Fallen is so open, it's pretty easy to defeat the bosses on that map as well. Same type of thing with the Sewers bosses, due to the water in the map. Because there are so many places for bosses to get stuck in maps like Dawn of the Horde and Area 935, those tend to be easy as well. And maps with elevators, such as Anguith City or Dread Space or the new Sanctuary, also make fighting bosses extremely easy as you can easily escape from the bosses when you're low on health. However, the bosses themselves on all three of those maps are pretty strong and can shred through your health quickly; it is the map itself that makes beating them easy. Shipwrecked bosses are also pretty easy, as you can push them into the deadly water on the map as well.

    So overall, if you are looking for easier bosses, look no further than the "easy maps" such as Fallen, Sewers, Shipwrecked, Anguith, etc. Just find the right strategies to take on those bosses, and they'll be a piece of cake.

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