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    Hey everyone!

    I have exciting news! With progress now being made on the server so quickly we will be able to open for Beta testing right now! During this time, there will be extensive testing, and data gathering on any bugs that may occur. For those of you that have Beta access, please know that your stats, coins, kills etc. Will not be saved. Please be aware that severe or minor bugs may occur, and that your playing experience may be interrupted by these things. In other news, I’m going to be putting a list below of all the changes that will be undergoing on the server as well as some bug fixes.


    Curse of the Horde’s size has been reduced by 40%. We eliminated meaningless tunnels and dead ends and made the map a bit easier to navigate. The original rooms were still kept, just moved closer together.

    All the maps listed below are getting appearance makeovers to make them more aesthetic. Please keep in mind, the maps layout and structures WILL NOT BE CHANGING. Only things like trees, snow, rocks etc. are being added around the maps to give them more of an atmospheric look.

    · Cold Dead

    · Grains

    · Hordelands

    · Dawn of the Horde

    · Mansion of Massacre

    · Cruise of Chaos

    · Curse of the horde

    · Nowherefast

    · Undead High

    · 6 Blocks Under (The entire map was changed due to the original one being horribly built)

    · Hauntedhalls

    · Sanctuary

    · Volcano

    · Incarceration

    · Stranded

    · Sewers of Surprise

    · Anguith City

    Beachfront is being removed from the arenas menu

    Immaterium is being removed from the arenas menu


    When players die in an arena, and are awaiting to be revived, their skin wouldn’t display properly.

    Spectator mode not enabling when dying.

    A security breach through the bungee has been patched.

    Current permissions system not synching permissions across all servers.

    Teleporting to the wrong “Hub” or server when a game ends. (Problem may still occur during Beta tests)

    Eliminated major lag spikes occurring while arenas are running.


    The map Area 935 has been built to replace beachfront. It’s a military base built by Zombiekill29820 and Nightmare_2471.

    Another new map will be taking Immaterium’s place later on

    That’s pretty much it for now! I’m positive more bugs will arise, and we will be adding more things to the server as time moves on. Thanks to everyone for participating, and I will update you all with another post soon. Thanks!
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