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Zombie Horde 3.0 Information

Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by butterontoast7, May 13, 2018.

  1. butterontoast7

    Staff Member Owner

    Dec 22, 2016
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    ==========================={ Zombie Horde 3.0 }===========================

    Hey guys! I know it's been quite a while since we released the
    2.0 update, but I think it's time we released some new
    information to you guys about the 3.0 update.

    As most of you may have already noticed, we've been quite generous when it comes to giving out boosters, giving players xp, and other free things. Well there was an ulterior motive. Ever since Zombie Horde released for Alpha testing, (correcting my past dumb mistake) back in December of 2016 we've had a massive amount of players join. We are at a grand total of 4,059 people that have joined Zombie Horde in the past year and a half. That's amazing! I can't thank you guys enough, and the many others who helped spread the word and get the server out. Up until now a majority of players were given advantages when it came to ranking up, and this put many players at an unfair advantage point. That is why we have decided to reset everyone's ranks on the server when 3.0 releases on May 31st. It's not just because of the past players getting advantages and leveling up fast, it's also the new Prestige system that's going to be added that will give players more options when it comes to leveling up. Now before you all cry Mutiny and tie me to a steak and light a fire, allow me to explain how YOU can benefit from this rank reset. All players who have obviously joined the server have the chance to participate in this. Everyone who Prestiges to PDefault by June 1st, will receive some special items as a reward for sticking around. I will list the rewards below, and I will also go into depth for what the 3.0 update holds for you guys. Without further ado here we go:

    Prizes for the players that meet the rank required before the reset:

    - Special 2.0 Beta tag
    - Permanent 30 minute cool-down off of 2 Premium kits of the players choosing (Can't be stacked on the same kit)
    - Able to spawn 4 Iron Golem's instead of 3
    - x5 3x global coin boosters
    - x3 2x global Xp boosters


    The Changes/Additions to be made in 3.0 are:

    - New zombie types are going to be added into arenas. Below is the list of their names and attacks:

    Runner: An adult zombie with speed 3.

    Biter: A baby zombie with a special "bite" this zombies bite will give poison 2, and weakness 2 to its victim for 7 seconds.

    Suicide Grunt: This is already the normal Grunt, but was changed to suicide grunt. It will now explode after it touches a player, and also deal 3 hearts worth of damage to the player.

    Brawler: An adult zombie with strength 2 that takes no knock back.

    Screamer: A baby zombie that screams when it gets hit by a player. When the zombie screams, nearby zombies will gain speed 1, and then re-target and go after the screamers target.

    Bonie: A wither skeleton that will spawn with speed 1 and strength 1, and also take no knock back.

    Puker: An adult zombie that's attack is "puking" on its victim. This zombies attack will deal poison and wither to its victim for 7 seconds until it's killed.

    - All bosses now have new attacks, and all bosses now have attack patterns that they will follow. So no more targeting one person until their killed. :3

    - All bosses no longer take knock back. This will add more difficulty and prevent camping and trapping the boss in corners of the map.

    - The rest of the achievements are FINALLY going to be added.

    - The Crossbow now replaces the Bow in arena shops, and kits. The Crossbow shoots 3 arrows in a fan pattern at a time. Each arrow deals 30 damage, instantly killing most normal zombie, and zombie archers. The reload is currently set at 3 seconds but will probably be modified.

    - The Flamethrower is going to be added as a special testing weapon on the Nuketown map. The Flamethrower will have a radius of 7 blocks, and will deal 3 damage per second on use. It will also consume fuel at an alarming rate. Fuel will also be purchasable in the map.

    - Players can now only purchase 1 Diamond sword, and 1 Iron sword from the shop if they have one in their inventory. (Sorry this took so long)

    - @PlatDoesGames is currently working with other staff members on the Events that will start to happen. Different arena modes will be released for set amounts of time for players to complete and win special rewards. More details will be released on this later when the time grows near.

    - New Quests are going to be added that will change on a weekly basis. New players that join the server will also have easier Quests to complete until a certain rank.

    - 3-5 new in game perks are going to be added to the shop menu.

    - Zhorde's new chat system will be implemented to prevent spam, malicious links and profanity.

    - Players using /spawn in spectator mode has been fixed.

    - The Thor premium kit now has a new attack with its axe. Players can now right click to strike a lightning bolt in the position they are pointing. The cooldown is still being discussed.

    - Rewards for completing quests are now going to be higher, and more worth while.

    - Monthly giveaways for contests will begin in July. Server T-shirts, Laptops, Gaming consoles and more will be given out as prizes!

    - The damage for Molotov's has been increased and the buring time increased.

    To my knowledge this is everything off of the top of my head that is going to be added. If I did miss anything I will add it in later and let you guys know! I can't wait to release this to everyone, and surprise you with all these new updates! I will keep you all informed as best as I can, and will do my best to keep providing new content! Thanks for everything!
    #1 butterontoast7, May 13, 2018
    Last edited: May 20, 2018 at 1:39 AM
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  2. KilledGaming

    KilledGaming New Member

    Mar 4, 2018
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    This update is actually insane :O cant wait for it.
  3. _Ember_

    _Ember_ Staff
    Staff Member Moderator

    Jul 3, 2017
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    That is nice as i am just over level 360 ;D