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    Greetings everyone!

    After a long wait, I'm pleased to announce that on February 7th, we will be starting back up development on the server! The server will go down on February 7th at 6PM EST and will remain in maintenance mode until February 15th 6PM EST. During this time we will be fixing a numerous amount of bugs that were found over the past month, as well as implementing new features to Zombie Horde such as new difficulty modes, mini-games, and more! I'll be going into more detail on these features below, and I will try to release as much information as possible without giving away some other surprised we have in store for you! So without further ado:


    • The roman numeral depicting a persons prestige number is going to be added back.

    • Bosses in arenas on waves 25 and 60 will be able to damage and kill Iron Golems.

    • The new Minigame "Lucky Arena"

    Desc: 12 players will spawn into a maze type arena surrounded by bushes, and lucky blocks. The person with the most points for killing other players at the end of (X) minutes will be the winner. When breaking lucky blocks, players could potentially give themselves OP items to win the game, or they could open a portal to hell and unleash chaos into the arena. When you die, you lose points you accumulated from killing other players. So try to stay alive as long as possible. This game will be finished and added into the Beta testing phase either before the server reopens or right after.

    • The new Minigame "Castle Defense"

    Desc: 24 players will spawn into a castle surrounded by a moat and forest. The objective of the game is to protect the Villager King from being killed by the invading zombie armies. The invading zombies will be able to break blocks, and place blocks. The goal will be to defend the king for (X) minutes from the invading zombies, and in doing so the game is won. Players will be able to earn gold from killing the invading zombies to upgrade their weapons and armor. There will be various zombie types added as well as Giant zombies. This game mode will be announced when it is near it's testing phase.

    • The new Minigame "Battle Blocks"

    Desc: 12 players will spawn into a small arena. After spawning in, players will be able to mine blocks with their hands (dirt, wood, etc.) and then right click to throw the blocks they've mined at other players. After the block is thrown, it will explode, dealing damage to the player, and the ground around them. The ground will lead into the void after a set amount of blocks have been blown up, allowing players to fall into the void and permanently be removed from the game. The last man standing wins. This game mode will be announced when it is near it's testing phase.

    • The new Minigame "King Of The Hill"

    Desc: Very similar to Hypixels King of The Hill, this fast paced game will have replicated maps of Hypixels, and perks as well as objectives. There will be more zombie emphasis added into the gamemode however. 12 players will spawn into an arena, and will need to capture and hold the center point as long as possible to gain points. The first team to reach 1000 points will win the game. There will also be 2 altars that teams can capture during the games to give themselves buffs such as speed or resistance. This game mode will be announced when it is near it's testing phase.

    • New difficulty modes for arenas:

    • Medium:

    - This mode will consist of how arenas already currently operate, with minor modifications being made to spawning mechanics.

    • Insane: This mode will consist of many things, being:

    - All normal zombies will have a 25% health increase and be given permanent speed 1.

    - All lootable chests in arenas will give less and less items the more that you loot them.

    - New zombie types being introduced.

    - The cure potion will not be obtainable.

    - Note: These changes are based on ideas submitted from the community, as well as other sources. Nothing is permanent, changes can be made, and we encourage feedback and criticism!

    • Endless: It's pretty self explanatory? It will probably be just a slightly harder mode than normal. But it can be changed later on.

    This will pretty much be it for additions during this time, with more to come in the future! The upcoming fixes will be listed below!


    • Warlock zombies dropping rotten flesh when they die

    • Achievements are going to be fixed and re-added to the game.

    • Spawning mechanics for zombies not correctly spawning on the Y level on certain maps will be fixed.

    • Certain bosses being able to kick players over 100 blocks into the air, instantly killing them.

    • Being able to create multiple guilds while already being a part of one.

    • A bug where Prestiging would instantly make you the max rank again.

    • Players not being able to invite people to their guilds when having permission to do so.

    • Certain spawnpoints being missing on the Grains map. (Already fixed)

    • Iron bars conflicting with Zombie A.I on 6 Blocks Under. (Already fixed)

    That's going to be it for now everyone! I appreciate everyones patience and I hope to see you all after these updates have taken effect! Have a great weekend!

    - Butter
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