Zombie Horde - Ghouls, Goldies, and Heretics Oh My!

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    Greetings everyone!

    After a long wait, I'm pleased to announce that tomorrow at 6PM EST we will be opening the server back up! We've made a vast amount of changes in the past week, and we can't wait to get everyones feedback and of course, find more bugs to squash! So below I'll go ahead and get into some detail as to what was changed!


    • We've designed a new friends plugin for the server, it is still in development, but should be operational for players to use. The friends menu will also allow you to directly invite your friends to your parties.

    • I'm pleases to finally announce that there is now 3 difficulties for all you try hards out there! Medium, for you oh so normies. Insane, for those of you with some anger to take out. And of course, Endless mode, for the people who have no lives and want to play Zhorde for all of eternity! These modes will be explained in more depth below.

    - Medium Mode: Medium mode has had nothing changed except adding the possibility of a Goldie spawning in the arena, as well as the spawning mechanics of the waves.

    - Insane Mode: Three new mobs have been added to Insane mode, The Ghoul, Heretic, and Goldie. Goldies will also spawn in Endless and Medium mode arenas, but the Ghoul and Heretic are Insane exclusive. Chests looted inside of Insane arenas will only grant you 1 item per chest (2 if you have the scavenger perk). Wave intervals were reduced to 20 seconds instead of 30. For now, these are the only changes for Insane mode. Unless players comment that the mode is still to "EZ" we won't be changing or adding more things to that mode. (But hold your horses on that thought.)

    - Endless Mode: This mode is an exact copy of Medium mode, however it's Endless. Things are subject to change through opinions and comments from the community.

    The new mobs information:

    - Ghoul: A zombie infected with radiation, this dangerous speedy creature will surely make it's presence known. Spawning in with speed 2, resistance 3, and 25 health, the Ghoul isn't a zombie that should be taken lightly. When a Ghoul spawns, it will deal a poison 2 effect to ALL zombies around it in a 10 block radius, as well as players. However, players will be dealt with poison 2 and weakness 2 for a permanent amount of time as long as they are in range of the Ghoul, and will not lose the effects until they are either out of range, or have killed it.

    - Heretic: Someone who's been wishing doom upon mankind for decades, the Heretic will go out of it's way to heal as many zombies as it can before it's killed. Spawning in with resistance 2, and a resistance to knock-back the Heretic has the ability to heal zombies to full health. The Heretic will be able to heal 1 zombie to full health every 2 seconds. Zombies that are being attacked, will be the Heretics first priority to heal. The Heretic only cares about healing zombies, and will not aggro towards players who attack it.

    - Goldie: A zombie blessed with divine riches. Why you might ask? Because SgtCyb3r suggested so. This zombie will have a 0.01% chance of spawning in an arena, and when killed, will award the player 250 gold, 1,000 coins, and 1,000 xp. This mob will have a chance to spawn only once during an arena on 1 random wave. (Will not be guaranteed to spawn in an arena!).

    • Iron Golems no longer target a final boss. They will ignore the Boss, and ONLY attack Minions. This is to ensure players actually have to fight the boss, and endure a challenge instead of laying down 6 golems and watching them "gang bang" the boss.


    • Zombies getting stuck on the wrong levels of maps such as 6 Blocks Under, and Dread Space have been fixed. Zombies now spawn on the correct Y (height) level that the player is standing on.
    • All players achievements have been wiped and reset due to the amount of achievements that were gained when they were all broken. Please still report any broken achievements you run into as we are still in heavy development with them.
    • Fixed a bug where spectator items would fall onto the ground if a player who needed revived died.
    • Fixed a bug where Minions and Bosses would drop gold onto the ground when they died, instead of giving it to the player that killed them.

    • Fixed a bug with the bat morph and chicken morph being able to fly when their ability was spammed.

    • Fixed a bug where possessed zombies from the warlock would die and drop rotten flesh.

    • Fixed a bug where players who were already part of a guild could join other guilds and create other guilds.

    • Fixed a bug where wolves were not spawning into certain arenas.

    • Fixed nicknames not syncing across all servers.

    • Fixed tags not syncing across all servers.

    • Fixed a permission issue with guild owners and officers not being able to invite players to their guild.

    That's going to do it for now everyone! We hope to find more bugs this weekend with everyones help, and I look forward to playing some of the new modes with you! More BIG changes are coming to Zombie Horde soon, so stay tuned! Happy Valentines day!

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